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20575 Painters Court

BEND, OR 97701

We do not install car batteries.

We do not install customer supplied parts or items purchased through our website. All items for your installation must be purchased through Bend Battery's retail location with guidance by a technician.

Solar & Sprinter Conversions

We have one of the Largest Selections of Victron Energy Products and Blue Sea System Products on the West Coast.  Our online website highlights only a small portion of the products available at our brick and mortar location in Bend, Oregon. 

We do not install customer supplied parts.

Inverters- Pure/True Sine and Modified Sine wave 500w-10000w

Solar Panels- 90w-365w

Solar Panel Mounting Equipment

Solar Charge Controllers

Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant

Roof Top Junction Boxes

MC4 Connectors and combiners, MC4 Inline Fuses

Battery Charge Meters/Monitors

Battery Isolators

Automatic Charging Relays

AC Circuits, AC Source Selection and Power Distribution

Battery Combiners and Cut Off Switches


Charging and Charge Management

Circuit Protection

DC and AC Circuit Wiring

DC Power Distribution


And Much, Much More!​

Battery Banks

Solar Battery Banks

We keep a wide range of batteries in stock for battery banks of all sizes.  Please call to check the number in stock and availability.  We are able to secure large battery banks on pallets and use a forklift to load onto your form of transport when given notice. 

Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries

Victron Energy LiFePO4 Batteries

Expion360 LiFePO4 Batteries

No matter your battery bank type or configuration, we will have a solution for you.


We have USA made Flooded, AGM and Lithium batteries depending on your needs and budget. 

Custom Cables

8AWG to 4/O USA made welding cable

Copper, Tin Plated and Heavy Duty Lugs

Anderson Power Products Quick Disconnects

Single, Double and Triple Walled Adhesive Heat Shrink

16 Ton 6-way Hydraulic Crimp Press is used for our Custom Cables.  Custom Cables may take 24-48+ hours depending on work load and season.  Please email your lengths, cable size, lug hole size and colors (Red, Black) to  An invoice will be emailed to you.  Once the invoice is paid, we begin the process of custom making your cables.  You will receive a phone call when your order is ready for pick up.  ​Custom made cables are not refundable or returnable. Please double check all your lengths and lug hole sizes.  It is better to have a cable one inch longer than a perfect fit then having a cable that is useless due to being one inch too short.  


We offer a wide variety of marine grade products for your power system include a huge selection of Blue Sea Systems products in store and ready to ship nationwide.  Batteries and specific charge configurations available for purchase and install in your boat of vessel. 


We exclusively sell Trojan T-105 6 volt flooded lead acid batteries and Lifeline 4CT AGM batteries. We also build custom battery bank connection cables.  We do not provide any mechanical or maintenance work on golf carts. 


Victron Energy Smart Bluetooth Chargers

Noco Genius Jump Start Packs

Noco Genius Accessories

Solar Maintainers 



We have one of the largest stock of Victron Energy and Blue Sea Systems products and accessories on the West Coast. 

Battery Boxes - G24, G27, U1, 6 Volt Individual and Dual Boxes

Battery Hold Downs and J-Bolts for a Variety of Vehicles

Anti-Corrosion Spray and Terminal Protectant Spray

Battery Carrying Accessories

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