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Jacob and Amelia

     After establishing Corvallis Battery in Jacob's hometown and successfully growing the business, Jacob and Amelia were ready to expand and start a new adventure in Central Oregon.  They moved to Bend and opened Bend Battery in August of 2015 and moved to a larger location in 2020 where they are currently located. 

     Skiing, kayaking, biking and camping in the beautiful backdrop of Central Oregon has been a highlight of their move to Bend and to be surrounded by customers that value those same things was the encouragement they needed to enjoy all that Bend has to offer. 

     They look forward to expanding the business to provide more jobs and availability to continue their impact on their community through planning and problem solving to get their customers out on the road and enjoying their next adventure.  

Jacob and Amelia Owners of Bend Battery
Victron Energy and Expion 360 power system

Brandon, Alesa, Zach and Stacy!

We have an absolutely stellar team here at Bend Battery!


    Brandon is our go-to technical support guru as well as the sales manager.  When if comes to questions about your system, Brandon is your guy.  He will provide you with his expertise to make the right purchase for your unique needs as well as assist you in finding the answers to all your questions when it comes to systems that perplex even the greatest of minds. 


     Alesa is our rock star installation technician.  If a project leaves our shop, 99% of the time Alesa and her skills will have been paramount in the completion and functionality of your adventure rig.  Alesa's focus and determination is the cornerstone of the flow of projects out of our shop and on to their adventures and travels. 

     Zach is our newest technician and has a multitude of skills from other areas that are advantageous and beneficial here at Bend Battery.  Zach sticks to the plan when needed and will offer great suggestions and ideas when they can be utilized. A hardworker, quick learner and the guy that is always ready to lend a helping hand.  

    The newest member of the Bend Battery crew is Stacy the spitfire!  Stacy is striving to take on the administrative side of the business so we can focus on our clients and their projects.  It is quite the undertaking as the installations themselves are often the easiest part, meanwhile the organization and all the behind the scenes paperwork is the true battle.  

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