Frequently asked questions

Are you open on the weekends?

We are open Monday-Friday 9-5:00pm and available on Saturday's by appointment only. Saturdays are reserved for very large projects that require the extra time and extra space that the weekend provides. All Saturday appointments must be scheduled a minimum of 4 days in advance.

Do you sell or work on Golf Carts?

We do not sell golf carts. We exclusively sell Trojan T-105's for drop in replacement batteries. We also make custom replacement cables made of USA made welding cable, a 16 ton 6 way hydraulic crimp press and double walled heat shrink for the ultimate connection and protection from the environment. We do not provide any services or maintenace packages for golf carts.

Do you fix cell phones, cameras and laptops?

We do not fix cell phones, cameras or laptops. Please look for a local repair shop that specializes in small electronics to assist you.

Do I need to bring my receipt with me if I have any questions?

All of our clients are saved into our computer system under their first and last name so you do not need to keep your receipt. If you for any reason have lost your receipt and would like another copy, please email us with the first and last name you used during purchase and we would be happy to email you a copy.

I am not sure how to use my VictronConnect App to monitor my system, what can I do?

The VictronConnect App allows you to wirelessly monitor your system and recieve a wealth of information about your voltage, current, state of charge, load output, load current, solar production and much more. Below is a link to Victron Energy's Youtube channel as well as their manual on their website which gives you step by step instructions and explanations of each feature. Once you get the hang of the basic features, you will be amazed at how much information about your system is right at your fingertips. If you are still struggling, please email us at bendbatteryservice@gmail.com for further assitance. VictronConnect App Manual Victron Energy Youtube Channel

Will you install the parts I have for my build?

We do not install customer provided parts.