MODEL EX-60C-24    Group Size 24 60AH


The VPR 4Ever series deep cycle lithium battery is designed for RV, marine, and off-grid power storage. It uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) as its battery chemistry. LFP is considered the best choice for this application because of its high degree of safety, long service life, and excellent dependability. The VPR uses cylindrical 26650 sized stainless steel encased LFP cells. The cells are UL 1642 listed, meeting the highest standard in safety and performance. All internal power distribution cables are mechanically connected (bolted) rather than soldered to promote efficient power delivery with less resistance while providing a robust physical connection point. The power distribution plates connecting the cells, BMS, and internal terminals are solid machined copper. The unique and proprietary case contains structural elements to protect the battery pack and battery management system (BMS) inside from the effects of vibration and movement. The oversized power terminals provide a unique electrical and physical connection point for higher gauge power cables and our unique parallel bus bars. 

VPR 4EVER CLASSIC | Group 24 Lithium Battery 60AH