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Van Conversion

Bend Battery specializes in outfitting vans with solar, batteries and everything in-between.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or traveling and living in your van full time, we have the products and expertise to exceed your expectations.  

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Upgrade RV's for Off-Grid Adventures

We can upgrade your batteries and components that came with your RV from the factory to give you a more enjoyable camping experience.  By upgrading your battery bank, components and installation of solar panels your ability to run AC appliances while not connected to shore power means you can find your own private piece of nature and know you will always be powered up.

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Custom Programming

We can use the VE. Configure software to provide custom programming for your new Victron Energy components and ensure your system is communicating and producing to the best of its abilities while also building in parameters for the safety and well being of your system.  Every aspect of your system can be customized to your exact needs and wants. In many cases, one size does not fit all.  Remote and in person programming available.

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Van Pre-Wires

Before you send your van to have a build out completed, let us prewire for all your appliances, lights, switches and other power driven needs.  This will save you an enormous amount of time and energy by preplanning and ensuring your interior can stay in place after installation.  We have done innumerable systems for vans of all makes and models and have perfected the use of underutilized spaces for power system locations. 

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Explain the kits. Has step by step video explanations provided, all extras that other companies don't provide like crimp tool, lugs, loom, heat shrink cable retention etc. 

Over 100 peices of equipment provided to prevent the dozen, OR MORE, trips to the hardware store.  No surprises.  

Zamp Solar Obsidian Solar Panels
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